Losing just one gram of body fat could be complete to change the symptoms of type 2 diabetes – if fat comes from the pancreas, scientist in the United Kingdom have revealed. It’s already understood that weight loss can significantly help manage type 2 diabetes – a progressive state where the body either ceases having the capability to produce fairly insulin, or grows insensitive to it – but this is the earliest time that scientist have demonstrated the exact type of weight loss that is needed to get the condition under control. The study followed 18 overweight participants with type 2 diabetes both before and after gastric bypass surgery. Using a superb, sensitive MRI scan, the researchers revealed the diabetics had abnormally high amounts of fat built up in the pancreas – the insulin-producing organ – even when compared to other overweight people without type 2 diabetes. However, the surgery helped them to burn off that fat, restoring their insulin levels to normal and enabling them to come off their drugs. The results indicate that excessive fat in the pancreas is unique to type 2 diabetes, and is anyhow clogging up the natural release of insulin. It is a pretty incredible discovery, but unfortunately, it is not as simple as choosing where it comes from and only losing a little weight. “If you ask how much weight you need to lose to make your diabetes go away, the response is 1 g! What is particularly fascinating is that the researchers also compared the diabetics’ results without type 2 diabetes who also underwent gastric bypass surgery to those of nine people. After the surgery, in where that fat had come from all the players lost the equal amount of weight – around 14 percent of their initial body weight – but there was a big changed. In the non-diabetics who had never had praised fat levels within their pancreas in the first place, the quantity of fat in the organ remained the same. Following the operation the diabetics came off their drugs, and, amazingly, their insulin secretion ratio returned to normal. “For somebody with Type 2 diabetes, losing weight enables them to drain the excess fat out of the pancreas and lets the function return to ordinary,” said Taylor. The sample size was only modest, so the results will have to be duplicated in a larger group of players, and more research is needed to look into how long the diabetes symptoms stay away following pancreas fat loss. However, the results are incredibly promising and provide scientists with important insight into the best way to treat the type 2 diabetes, Now changes 9 percent of the international population. “The decline in pancreas fat is not just associated with the weight loss itself. It is not something that may occur to anyone whether or not they’d diabetes. It is specific to Type 2 diabetes,” said Taylor. “What’s fascinating is that regardless of your current body weight and how you lose weight, the critical variable in turning your Type 2 diabetes is losing that 1 g of fat from the pancreas.”
Mary Lee Vance

The author Mary Lee Vance

specializes in diet and weight reduction. He is associate professor of health, behavior, and society at the JHKs Bloomberg School of Public Health, with joint appointments in medicine and human nutrition.