How many calories in fast food dishes?

There are various things that come to mind when we hear the term “fast food,” such as hamburgers, pizza, fries, sandwiches, etc. It is the quality of the food that allows us to refer to it as junk food.

The calories in fast food dishes, which are primarily made up of unhealthy fats, refined flours, and sugar, can help you understand more about fast food and its nutritional value. In addition, these meals include a high amount of salt, which can be harmful when consumed in large quantities


The number of calories in fast food dishes

  • full burger included in any menu of a fast food store has between 500 and 600 calories.
  • A simple cheeseburger has 350 calories.
  • A medium portion of chips has an average of 400 calories.
  • A glass of medium Coca-Cola has 200 calories.
  • simple sandwich of cooked ham and cheese has 250 calories.
  • sandwich with 100 grams of bread, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise has about 400 calories.
  • Small ice cream has about 190 calories.
  • A chicken burger without fried egg has about 400 calories.
  • Two servings of pizza (2/8) have an average of 360 calories.
  • A medium portion of fried onion rings has 370 calories.
  • A small hot dog possesses 350 calories.

Most fast meals nowadays are high in calories and contain little or no fiber, vitamins, or minerals. Instead, they feature fatty meats and sauces, simple sugars in soft drinks, processed flours, and high salt content.


A menu in a fast food place that includes hamburgers, medium soda, and fries, can easily reach 1000 calories, all this without including dessert, with which we can add between 400 and 600 calories more.

With these numbers, of course, junk food is not something that you should eat every day. It is advisable to limit ourselves to consuming it occasionally since an excess of calories for a day will not make us gain weight. Therefore, you should limit your intake of fast food as much as possible in order to maintain a healthy balance in your life.

But what if you crave fast food …

It is dangerous to consume fast food excessively. Although you can always explore healthier options if you feel like a hamburger or pizza on a regular basis. Instead of heading to your favorite fast food store, make your own meals with fresh, natural products that are superior in quality and devoid of additives and preservatives. You’ll also have more control over the quantity and calories you add to the recipe because you’ll be in your own kitchen.
Here are some examples to create your own healthy “fast-food” dishes at your home:
  • Burger


A home-cooked hamburger with minced beef, lettuce, and tomato has a calorie count that is three times lower than one purchased at a restaurant. In the same way, you can make your own hot dogs or a nice sandwich, which will be considerably healthier.

  • Pizza

You can bake your own pizza in the oven, using less cheese with much healthier ingredients such as mushrooms, olives, and spinach instead. By the way, if you want french fries (because you may think pizza needs chips), you can also make them at home, but remember to control the amount of oil (always olive) and salt you use.

  • Fat-free nuggets


Making chicken nuggets at home is the best way to enjoy them guilt-free. Use a fresh chicken breast, cut it into pieces, and top it with breadcrumbs or cornflakes to give it a crunchy texture. It’s better to roast them instead of soaking them in oil. By following this recipe, your chicken nuggets will have much less fat!


When we talk about fast food, we are referring to foods that are, by definition, unhealthy and high in calories. Options that we should avoid consuming on a regular basis since they do not provide us with anything nutritionally beneficial.

However, preparing a pizza or a hamburger at home is not the same as ordering one from a fast-food restaurant. When we cook these meals ourselves, we can not only save a few calories and bad fat, but we can also manage what goes into them and transform them into healthy alternatives.

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