How to lose weight without dieting

For those who find it difficult to adhere to a rigorous diet or dramatically alter their eating habits, you may be interested in how to lose weight without dieting, but how is this accomplished?

It may seem hard, but it isn’t. The trick is to keep it simple and make modest adjustments.

Dieting isn’t necessary to lose weight if you’re inactive or have little time to manage calories or exercise. Using the techniques below, you may attain your desired weight without dieting or being hungry.


Tips for dieting without dieting

  1. Do not eliminate food: Since each food has a specific function in our body there is no need to eliminate any type of food. You can continue to consume carbohydrates, fat, and proteins.
  2. Water consumption: Increases water consumption, it is important to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. While water is an important nutrient, it also helps to cleanse and purify the body.
  3. Exercise Options: If you don’t have time to exercise or don’t enjoy it, consider walking to work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  4. Willpower: Whatever your diet, you must have enough willpower to achieve your goal.
  5. Eating slowly: For those of you who eat without chewing, you should practice eating more slowly. If the food is chewed properly, the body will have an easier time digesting it.
  6. Avoid stress: If you’re always thinking “I have to lose weight” or “I can’t lose weight” or something similar, you’re causing yourself stress, which inhibits fat burning.
  7. Use smaller plates so you will feel that you eat enough. Also, try to prepare the right food to avoid snacking.
  8. Healthy snack: If you’re hungry before your next meal, grab an apple or some oatmeal bars. Losing weight has nothing to do with going hungry.
  9. Do not eliminate fat: To avoid fat buildup, you don’t have to entirely remove fat, you only have to know what kind of fat to take. As long as the fat is natural and of vegetable origin, it will be good for the body.
  10. Sugar consumption: Sugar and alcohol intake, as well as sugary drinks, must be reduced. Due to its role in promoting the buildup of belly fat, alcohol use must be strictly controlled

How to eat without dieting but still losing weight?

If you don’t feel like using calorie counters, or you don’t know how to determine how many portions you should eat. You’re not alone!

By putting into practice the following method you will know how to lose weight without dieting, it is a way to adjust the portions of food visually on the plate.


Here is the method:

  • To better control the size of the servings when using a round plate, and divide it into three parts.
  • Creating the largest part for fiber (vegetables).
  • Proteins are included in the second-largest division.
  • Rice and potatoes can be added to the smaller divide.

With this strategy, you can begin to notice the changes in a week by getting used to the new way of serving and distributing food on the plate.

Be consistent, it can become a new eating habit in the long run if you keep it up for the whole week!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or unpleasant to the taste buds. It means let find foods that we enjoy, and that is healthy to lose weight without dieting.

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